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WAX HEATER 500g. ➡ Ref: 194013-S

WAX HEATER 500g. ➡ Ref: 194013-S

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Small capacity wax melter (500 gr) ideal for working in small and medium-sized areas, with saucepan and protective lid, temperature regulating thermostat.

    Technical description _ _ _

    • Easy to use and clean, you don't need wax strips or paper to epilate the skin.
    • Quick heater in 10 min and ready to wax, 500ml capacity stainless steel pot.
    • With Automatic Shutdown Regulator with maximum security.
    • Ergonomic and compact design and Melts all types of depilatory waxes canned, hard wax, block and beans.
    • Easy and comfortable timers to use.
    • Up to 3 times faster than the traditional wax heater.
    • Easy to clean with polished aluminum.
    • Compact, portable and designed for easy portability.
    • Ideal for home and professional use.

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