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Grupo Bmm



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✔ Individual headwash with an elegant design and high performance, which has armrests for a greater sensation of comfort, and incorporates a white ceramic sink that adapts to the neck giving a sensation of relaxation.

▶ Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 59 X 100 X 115 CM
  • Height up to the seat: 50cm.
  • Chair color metallic armrests, leatherette material with design.
  • Color of ceramic white sink.
  • High quality hairdresser wash.
  • structure made of white fiberglass.
  • Independent seat and fiber structure.
  • High quality faucets.
  • Valve with anti-hair basket, plug and drain tube.
  • The evolution of the ergonomic head wash.
  • Freshness and passion.
  • Designed to stand out and created to be enjoyed.

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Technical characteristics

  • Electric Stretcher of great resistance, its design in metallic structure is lined by a coating of reinforced plastic plates.
  • State-of-the-art upholstery in white.
  • Reclining upper and lower body.
  • Upholstered in polyskin.
  • Face plug.
  • Includes wheels.


  • Fire retardant PU upholstery.
  • Another very important feature to take into account is this stretcher model has high-density, fast-recovery foam. Very important for the greatest rest of the client.
  • Immediate availability.


  • Height: 65cm
  • Width: 85cm
  • Depth: 186cm


Clean the furniture with a dry cloth to keep it free of dust or dirt in general, do not use sponges, detergents, solvents, hypochlorite or substances that can fade the fabric of the furniture.


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