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Hot steam emitter. An ozone vapor can be considered one of the essential devices in any beauty center. It makes an important contribution to the effectiveness of multiple treatments and helps create a sense of well-being in the client. This aesthetic device converts water into water vapor and ozone. The machine has a water tank and an electric resistance to heat it. The steam comes out in a controlled manner through a diffuser, which must be located over the area to be treated. When ozone generation is activated, inside the device an ultraviolet lamp converts O2 (Oxygen) into O3 (Ozone), which is then expelled by the diffuser.

Technical characteristics

  • Measures 42X23X80 cm.
  • White with blue.
  • Hot Time: 30 Min.
  • Cold box volume: 600 Ml.
  • Power: 800W.


  • The ozone function, operated by a separate switch, is used to improve circulation and lighten skin tone.
  • Comfortable deep cleansing for delicate skin.
  • Integrated mist outlet for aromatherapy.
  • Produces oxygen ionic vapors to purify the skin.
  • Professional quality beauty tool.

assembly service

All our furniture comes disassembled and packed in a box, they require assembly or assembly not included in the sale price.

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