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✔ Hydraulic Aesthetic Stretcher, 3 Sections With A Very Stable And Robust Structure. Height adjustable. The inclination of the backrest and footrest is manually adjusted. Removable Armrests

▶ Technical Characteristics

  • Easy assembly, for medical clinics and beauty salons.
  • adjustable height
  • Face Orifice
  • face plug cushion included
  • The structure is made of steel tube and covered with epoxy powder paint, baked in an oven at 250º C.
  • Adjustable leveler to save small unevenness.
▶ Measurements:
  • Length: 183 cm.
  • Width without armrests: 62 cm.
  • Minimum height with padding: 60 cm.
  • Maximum height with padding: 74 cm.
  • padded thickness: 10 cm.
  • Weight: 60 kg.
  • Base dimensions: 60 x 95 cm.

▶ Stretcher pedal

  • Normal position, the stretcher has the facility to rotate 360º
  • Elevation or descent position, in case of continuously keeping the pedal in that position, the stretcher will descend, in case of alternately moving from position 1 to 2, the stretcher will rise.

▶ Equipment

  • Fire retardant PU upholstery.
  • Features high-density, fast-recovery foam.
  • Immediate availability.
  • The color of the upholstery will always be white, always very easy to maintain and clean.

▶ Recommendations

Clean the furniture with a dry cloth to keep it free of dust or dirt in general, do not use sponges, detergents, solvents, hypochlorite or substances that can fade the fabric of the furniture.

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Características técnicas

  • Camilla hidráulica tres cuerpos.
  • Estructura muy
    estable y robusta.
  • Diseño de la estructura metálica con recubrimiento reforzado.
  • Tapizado de última generación en polipiel.
  • Cojín reposacabezas extraíble y agujero facial.
  • Respaldo ajustable manualmente.
  • Reposabrazos extraíbles.
  • Reposapiés ajustable manualmente.
  • Altura regulable mediante bomba hidráulica.
  • Requiere montaje.


  • Tapizado de Poli piel retardante al fuego y de ultima generación.
  • Estructura metálica con recubrimiento reforzado.
  • Bomba hidráulica.


  • Largo: 186 cm
  • Alto: 65 - 80 cm
  • Ancho: 63,5 cm
  • Base: 85 cm x 51 cm


  • Limpiar con un paño húmedo.


  • 48 a 96 horas
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